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Best friking song ever!!!! Look at the timer thingy its NYAN CAT XD

Saturday, 25 June 2011


It's nearly 12am here where Im at. Im tired but doesnt wanna shift myself to get to bed! XD

Friday, 24 June 2011

Misty And Phoenix Chapter 1 Sparks

Misty's Pov


Things were going perfect. Me and Phoenix were out 'chilling' again, but I would refer it to a date. It wouldn't seem like it to other people where they think all you do is smooch and cuddle. But Phoenix is different, Phoenix isn't just my boyfriend who I love. Phoenix is my best friend. Us two can't be seperated...

Even how hard you try.

We'd stop and stare into each others eyes like we'd had a spell cast on us and we were stuck in a loved up trance.

Phoenix's eyes are like emerald jewels sparkling after been polished. Any girl would fall instantly in love by looking at his shining eyes.

He had such a warm, comforting smile. His lips looked so moist, I badly wanted to kiss them until I couldn't kiss anymore.

Phoenix was such a gentleman to buy me some flowers for our date. They were pure white like the moon on a clear night. With all the twinkling stars.

"To my beautiful Misty, I hope you like these flowers. Your as pure as the whiteness of these petals and as delicate as the rose it self"

He looked so cute! He trying his best to do his puppy dog eyes to make me love his present. But I love him anyways with or without a present.

Phoenix's Pov


"Oh! Phoenix! They're beautiful and your message your touching!"

She held the bouque up to her petit nose and smelled the roses.

"These are beautiful Phoenix! I love them so much! And I love you too!"

What a relief. She was so cute, she was happyily swinging her hips side to side. Misty always does that when she's in a great mode.

We both suddenly stopped, our faces were all smiles and grins. It was so quiet we could hear eachothers breathing. This was my chance. We both learned in closer.

And closer...

Until our lips met. It felt like thousands of fireworks just set off and exploded. We had a spark. It wasn't like any normal kiss. It made adrenaline pump round my body. Bright colours exploded around my head.. we had sparks.

Misty clearly saw our spark as well. Her eyes were glinting in the sun and she was smiling. I wanted to kiss her some more but not here at the public park.

Misty's Pov

By the time we got back it had already gone dark. Like a big blanket covered over the sun. Phoenix had set us a picnic but the food had gone cold so we had to miss that part out. I gazed up at the dazzling stars. They were like glitter, you end up getting it everywhere but it's so beautiful. So we decided to watch the stars together.

Suddenly something touched my hand, it gave me a jump.

It was warm, slightly wet. It made a tingle down my spine. Oh and made me jump out of my socks. When I looked down I saw that it was Phoenix's hand. I squeezed it so tightly not thinking I would hurt him. I just wanted to squeeze and cuddle him until he popped.

We both glanced at each other. He started squeezing my hand too, not as tight as I done. I guess you can call us the day dreamers because she could not stop glancing at each other. Phoenix twitched his head to the left obviously wanting me to come closer.

Without hesitation I slowly slid closer to him. Like a fox sneaking up to his prey. We both stared up at the sky. The moon was full shining as it does.

"Look at that star!"

"Wow, it's so bright."

We both looked up to see a big star shining brighter than any of the other stars.

"I believe that's the northern star!"

He started to grin, he was so smart and well as cute.

"Wow, it's just beautiful..."

I was just breathtaking. The sight was just gorgeous

"Hey look at that star!"

I started to point at a star which was further away from the northern star. Even brighter and bigger than the others. But it seemed to lack having stars around it. It was lonely..

"Wow! I don't think that's even a star, it might be a planet. Huh, it seems to be there by itself."

Suddenly a twinkling star appeared right next to it

"Looky! Another star has appeared!"

I started to point again at the star.

"Well I guess it's our stars."


"Well I was lonely until I found you."

"Aww your so sweet!"

I nuzzled into his shoulder

"I was lonely too"

I whispered. He smiled at me.

"I guess it was just fate that brought us here"


Thank you for reading that, yes! I adore these two! Random piccy time

Gotta go to school *Le sigh*

Friday is the most boringist day ever at school. Maths, Music, French, Science and RE! But glad to come back to a weekend of simming. Tonight I'll get the first installment of Misty and Phoenix up tonight.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Misty And Phoenix

I'll be making a series on here, not a legacy just a romance story about a couple. They're names are Misty Fey and Phoenix Citrus.

Here's a picture of them (Misty is the girl, Phoenix is the boy);

My New Blog

Hiyaa! Yeah I've created myself a blog XD Yes I am deffo random as the title says. So stalk me if you please, I will probablys talk about useless crap but thats usually what a blog is for!